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Top 50 Network Marketing Blogs

Source:  ThatMLMBeat

Top 50 MLM Blogs

Top 50 MLM Blogs

Network Marketing Blogs

have definitely raised the bar in 2009.



After reading hundreds of blogs, putting Google Reader to the test by monitoring 294 RSS Feeds and searching through all corners of Social Media sites and search engines, we proudly present to you the Top 50 MLM blogs.

The criteria we used to base the Top 50, the ‘cool kids’ of MLM blogging, are:

  • Quality, original content that focuses on teaching and adding value to the industry
  • Updated frequently with the latest post no more than one month old
  • Alexa ranking and page rank
  • Industry experience and leadership
  • Content not focused on a particular network marketing company or opportunity

Here are the Top 50 MLM blogs in alphabetical order:

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What is it worth to a business to be the number one trending topic on twitter and be tweeted about 10,000 times per hour and more than 200,000 postings per day?

During the first 7 days of the promotion moonfruit went from 444 followers to 44,113 followers

During the first week of July, 2009, #moonfruit was the number one trending topic on twitter.  The Moonfruit marketing department decided to run a ‘competition‘ to celebrate 10 years in business whereby anyone who included #moonfruit in their postings on Twitter would be entered into a random draw. The prize, spread across a 10 day period, would be 10 MacBook Pros.


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